Building Bridges: 4th EU/US Summer School + Workshop on Automorphic Forms and Related Topics (Budapest 2018)

Research School

The purpose of the research school is to provide training on some topics that are having great impact on current research in automorphic forms, allowing participants make new connections, with areas related to their current research programs and with other researchers. The school is comprised of three 2-day intensive mini-courses, each team-taught by a pair of experts.

The research school takes place in the first week of the meeting, 9 - 14 July 2018.

Prerequisites: Complex Analysis, Algebraic Number Theory, Galois Theory, Elliptic Curves, and Modular Forms, at the undergraduate or 1st year post-graduate level.


9:00 am

light breakfast

09:30 am - 12:30 pm


2:15 - 4:30 pm

exercise groups

4:30 - 5:30 pm

present exercise solutions


Please use this form to apply for the summer school. We will begin considering applications in early March.






Computational aspects of Shimura Curves Drew Sutherland and John Voight Marc Masdeu Monday - Tuesday
The resolvent kernel and the Maass-Shimura-Shintani lifting Özlem Imamoglu and Árpád Tóth Sebastián Herrero-Miranda Wednesday - Thursday
Theta liftings and modularity of abelian varieties Jens Funke and Lassina Dembélé Stephan Ehlen Friday - Saturday


Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics, Budapest

Summer school dates:

9 - 14 July 2018

Workshop dates:

16 - 20 July 2018


Jim Brown
Gergely Harcos
Jay Jorgenson
Árpád Tóth
Lynne Walling

Conference Poster